WhatsApp Plus APK 8.30 Download WhatsApp+ Latest Version (Official) 2021 Free

WhatsApp Plus APK is an anti-ban WhatsApp Mod with amazing features. If you’re looking for a comprehensive WAMOD which can provide the out-of-the-box features, WhatsApp Plus should be a preferred choice.

Such is the popularity of WhatsApp Plus that for time being there was an official WhatsApp Plus until Mark Zuckerberg banned the MOD APK users and legal notices to the WA+ Developers.

Apparently, they weren’t satisfied with just the notices and thus they even banned the creators’ Facebook and Instagram accounts just to demonstrate their power. Now, you might be wondering, who’s this developer who managed to piss Zuckerberg and his team? Well, the developer’s name is Rafalense, who isn’t working on any WA related project due to the legal and personal hassles.

That doesn’t stop Rafalense from rebranding his years of work. Instead of affiliating his product to WhatsApp, he renamed it to Plus messenger, which is an instant messaging app that works with Telegram API. Impressively, it does possess a lot of great features that users haven’t yet seen in telegram.

Back to the topic, let’s talk about the WhatsApp Plus clone since WhatsApp Plus is no longer available. Our goal in this blog is to provide you with accurate information about the alternative, so you don’t end up developing the wrong version.

Download WhatsApp Plus APK Latest Version

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What is WhatsApp Plus?

The best WhatsApp Plus clone today is provided by ALEX Mods. Aesthetically, it’s pretty similar to YoWhatsApp APK and is completely based on it. WhatsApp Plus APK clones are very popular and offer specifically differentiating features from the normal mods. If you’re a geek looking for extensive features that you don’t generally get in the official version, you can download WhatsApp Plus APK.

Well, no doubt YoWhatsApp is the foundation for many WAMODS but there’s no denying that Mini version offers similar features and occupies less space. Most of the WAMODs feature annoying ads, however, WhatsApp Plus APK does not have annoying ads. Thus, there’s no complication and irritation when you’re texting. An aspect I love the most about WhatsApp Plus APK is that you can use 4 accounts simultaneously with different numbers.

What are the Features of WhatsApp Plus?

The best part about WhatsApp Plus mod designed by Alex is that it doesn’t lag at all. It forms the basis upon which you can enjoy all the features. These include:


Are you often scared thinking that your account might get banned for one or the other reason? Well, with WhatsApp Plus, there’s no such problem as your account becomes ban-proof.

Multiple Accounts Usage

Dual Account

As mentioned earlier, you can use up to 4 WhatsApp accounts in WhatsApp Plus. You’ll be surprised how that might work wonders from the personal and professional life.

In general, 2 accounts are all you need but if you do want to operate 4 different accounts, you get the feature in this mod.

While that’s true. You do need to download WhatsApp Plus APK along with NoWhatsApps in order to login to 4 different accounts.

Now while you can use up to 2-3 accounts, having 4 accounts and using them simultaneously is a crazy feature.

Themes and Customization

Mods are popular because of their ability to provide extensive customization options which aren’t a part of the normal official app.

Deep customization options and the chances to create your own theme – look and feel for your app just give it a deeper meaning.

Not only does this customization option makes you look different but the handy features can be used extensively to improve the user experience.

Here’s a list of things that you can customize in WhatsApp Plus:

  • Main/Chat Screen
  • Conversation Screen
  • Widgets
  • Popup Notification
  • Media Sharing

These options are like the lifeblood of any app’s interface and if you get the freedom to play with them, you can imagine the freedom you get with this app. To access theming and customization options go to More options > Themes/Customization.

Video Player

We can all agree on this one. The Default Player on WhatsApp sucks. You know it even if we don’t agree. Well, what if I told you that you could change the default Video Player and set MX Player as the default one? That would change everything. Wouldn’t it? T

The overall quality of the app along added features within the player helps offer terrific sound and video quality which just makes it my go-to-video playing app. If you have some bucks to spend, I’d highly recommend the MX Player Pro for excellent Ad-Free experience. To set third-party video player as your default video playing app go to More options > Other Mods > Video Player


Frequent updates make an app great. Everybody wants to see something new such as improved functionality, eye-catching and easy interface which makes using the app easy and addictive. That’s the best part about the WAMODs. All of them provide updates on a frequent basis. Thus, every month, you can expect a list of new features to arrive with the updates which include bug fixation, better functionality, and increased customizing options.

Additional Features

In-built lock: With WhatsApp Plus Mod you can lock your WhatsApp with a passcode to secure your data. You don’t have to install any third-party app for this.

Always Online: With WhatsApp Plus Mod, you can always be online even when your screen’s not active. You will need an internet connection for this feature though.

Backup Data: Backup option is available, so if you want to backup your chats, you can easily do it without any hassle. When you’re updating the WhatsApp Plus APK, make sure to backup your data before the process starts.

Voice Call Disability: WhatsApp Plus allows you to disable the voice calls if you do not want to entertain any calls. With a simple click, by enabling the option, you can disable the voice calls.

Anti-Delete: Another impressive feature that allows you to see the text even after it gets deleted is the anti-delete option.

WhatsApp Plus Screenshot

WhatsApp Plus WhatsApp Plus App WhatsApp Plus APK

WhatsApp Plus APK 8.30 Info

2. This app is not available on Google play store that’s why you need to enable unknown sources, for this go to Settings followed by security and then click to enable unknown sources.

3. Now visit Download Manager or File Manager and click on APK file.

Install WhatsApp Plus APK

4. Click on the Install button.

5. Wait for a few seconds to install.

5. Wait for the scan.

6. Click on the Open button to launch.

7. Now you get a new screen on which you have to click on Agree and Continue button.

8. Now type your phone number and click on “Copy WhatsApp Data“.

9. Now tap on the Restore button.

10. Go to the menu section, and open settings to get all features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the difference between WhatsApp and Whatsapp Plus?

Ans: WhatsApp+ is the modified app of normal WhatsApp, this app comes with more features than the official version.

Q: Can we use both apps WhatsApp Plus and WhatsApp app together?

Ans: No, but you can use other WhatsApp mod like NoWhatsApps with WhatsApp plus.

Q: Can we use WhatsApp Plus app for IOS?

Ans: No, WhatsApp Plus only comes for Android users.

Q: Is it safe to use WhatsApp Plus?

Ans: Yes, this is a safe app.

Q: Can we transfer all the chat data to Whatsapp Plus?

Ans: Yes, you can easily transfer chats from the official version.

Q: Can I freeze the last seen on the application?

Ans: No, you can not freeze last seen on WhatsApp+.

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See the truth is that most mods are similar in functionality, there’s not much of a difference between them. You can choose Fouad WhatsApp or YoWhatsApp over Plus and that’s absolutely your personal preference. For me, each of these WAMODs is significantly different and has a distinctive feel to them. If you feel I missed something, please go on and comment below.


  1. Good day
    I have downloaded whatsapp plus on a new phone but chat history is not transferring to the new phone.
    Can you tell me how to do so?

  2. hello sir ,
    can you please revert the main screen fronts to stock what’s app specially the 3 dot on the top right side for option.

    thanks you.

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