FMWhatsApp APK 8.35 Download Latest Version (Official) 2021 Free

If we talk about WhatsApp mode, there are lots of options available but FMWhatsApp APK is one of the best. FMWhatsApp is a very popular app from a long time, this app is one of the oldest WAMOD.

In this tutorial, we are giving you direct download links and other complete information such as features, how to install FM WhatsApp.

Download FMWhatsApp APK Latest Version

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What is FMWhatsApp?

FMWhatsApp APK is an Android application which is used for communication, this is the best and advanced modified version of WhatsApp.

FMWhatsApp has used the same server which is used the official one.

As we know WhatsApp is the best messaging app that we installed on the smartphone. It has millions of users.

Nowadays everyone is using it to connect our friends are relatives, WhatsApp allows us to communicate via text, audio, and video.

More users utilized WhatsApp to execute their business. It needs a lot of features despite being an important application. Therefore, many users switched to WhatsApp mods such as FMWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp, etc.

Official WhatsApp does not have any bugs but some features which are restricted by official one, these mods unlocked for users. Such as privacy, sending messages to unlimited people, add more than 250 peoples in a group, etc.

What are the Features of FMWhatsApp?

App Lock

As we mentioned that official WhatsApp needs the basic security feature but this is not the same case with FMWhatsApp APK. It gives you an app lock feature that is used to lock your WhatsApp.

FMWhatsApp supports various lock system such as pattern, fingerprint, and pin. There is also no requirement to download an additional app to protect your WhatsApp messenger because you can do it easily.

Privacy Features

One other feature that is we need some privacy in our WhatsApp. Many users don’t want to show their status, but hiding the status while being on WhatsApp is impossible as of now.

But FM WhatsApp provides us privacy settings. After utilizing this, you can hide online status, double tick, single tick, also recording or text status.

In FMWhatsApp you get lots of privacy settings, you can see below:

  • Freeze Last Seen: you can stop last seen on your WhatsApp, and become anonymously.
  • Anti Delete Messages: With the help of this setting, the sender can not delete messages after sending.
  • Hide View Status – FMWhatsapp hides your view of others status.

Some other privacy settings are:

  • Show Blue Ticks after your reply.
  • Hide Blue Ticks
  • Hide Second Tick
  • Hide Blue Microphone
  • Hide Typing…
  • Hide Recording

Menu >> Fouad Settings >> Privacy >> Choose

Call filter

Call filter is the main feature of the FMWhatsApp app so that you can get calls from selected numbers on WhatsApp. With the help of this app, you can filter that contacts who will own the rights to call you.

Pin Chats

FMWA permits you to pin 3 chats to access fast, just like if you want to pin your important chat, to get reach fast this feature is very useful for us.

Media Sharing

WhatsApp is only allowed to share 25 MB files, but in FMWhatsApp you can send up to 700 MB, this is one the best features of this app if you have to send a big file to your contacts you easily send via this app.


Official WhatsApp has only one theme which is installed by default, but FMWhatsApp has the option to chose different themes to look attractive.

In this app, you get YOthemes, Unlike GBWhatsApp you don’t have to install a separate app for using themes for WhatsApp.

You can access YOThemes on the section of Menu >> Fouad Settings >> YoThemes >> Download

Group Setting

By using a group setting you can add more users, by WhatsApp is restricted to 250 members, but in FMWhatsApp you can add up to 500 members.


Once you install this app you don’t need to download again and again from the web, you get the update in Fouad Setting.

FMWhatsApp APK 8.35 Info

2. Now, make sure that your smartphone supports app installation from unknown sources. Enable this option by following the below steps.

  1. Go to the settings.
  2. Tap on the security.
  3. Click on the button to enable unknown sources.

3. Now click on the FM WhatsApp APK file to begin installing the application on Android phone.

Install FMWhatsApp

4. Now tap on the Install button.

Install FMWhatsApp

5. Wait for a few seconds and let you Android install the app.

Install FMWhatsApp APK

5. After installing, you will see an Open button, press this button to launch the FMWhatsApp APK.

Install FMWhatsApp Android app

6. You will see two buttons: “Restore” & “Agree and Continue“, click on “Agree and Continue“.

7. Now enter your phone number and click on “Copy WhatsApp Data“.

8. You will get a new page about Restore backup click on the Restore button.

9. After the complete restore, WhatsApp homepage will open, on the menu you can see Fouad Mods option, by clicking on that you can customize the app as per you want.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the difference between WhatsApp and FM Whatsapp?

Ans: Both are originally WhatsApp app, used for communication, sending messages, media audio, videos, etc. The only difference between these two apps is their features, by FMWhatsApp we get free from restrictions and we access lots of features that are mentioned above if you need these features just download the latest version of FMWhatsApp from our website.

Q: Can we use both apps FMWhatsApp and WhatsApp app together?

Ans: Yes you can use both apps in a single device, but you have to verify both apps from different phone numbers.

Q: Can we use FMWhatsApp app for IOS?

Ans: No, there is no IOS version available of FM WhatsApp.



So above we mentioned the entire feature related to this app. FMWhatsApp is a very useful application for all, especially for youths and businessmen.

This app comes under the light, there is also most beneficial WhatsApp mods are available on the Internet.

Stay tuned with, if you have any queries or information, you can comment below.


  1. I cant get notifications on whatsapp untill i open it instead when i used it first it was working properly but i had reset my handset a few days back and now whrn i reinstall fmWA i cant get notifications plz slv this issue sir/mam

  2. as if we call a person who is online on WhatsApp it shows on the above side RINGING. I want to know that if as fm whtsapp holder uses the privacy of hide second tick then.,will it also show RINGING when i call to a fm whatsapp holder? or it will show only CALLING if his hide second tick privacy is on? Plss answer me

  3. Hi,
    why it shows me the last digit numbers of my contacts in the log data and not the full number of my contacts? It is already syncronised with my telephone book. in the telephone book it shows me the names and the full numbers.

    best regards

  4. Helloa I need somehelp I’ve hidden a chat and Now I want unhide it and Actually I cant find the setting nor even the number I hid it on my whats app contact list

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