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Similar to the other WhatsApp mods such as OGWhatsApp Pro APK getting in legal troubles due to legal notices, there’s no more update from this WAMOD. The OGMods Team is behind the OGWhatsApp and this mod is one of the most beloved having users across the globe.

Though there are legal hassles, the end product hasn’t gone in vain as there’s a new build available. However, it’s not under the same banner or from the same developer. Now without twisting this any further, I’d like to talk to you about OGWhatsApp APK which offers great features but it’s still in the developing stage under the new banner.

The life of a mod developer isn’t easy. Especially with big corporations and legal notices looming on the head, it’s in the best interest to turn away from the product. When we consider the WhatsApp Mods developer, they are powerless to the developers. Because of some features, they implement which in no way can be authorized by a body because it breaches privacy and control, the large corporations drain such mods legally which leads developers to quit.

In recent times, Yosef Al Basha’s YoWhatsApp and Atnfas Hoak’s GB WhatsApp have undergone some scrutiny. These major mods have a fair share of the userbase and are loved by WhatsApp users across the globe. These WAMODs have much more to offer as compared to the official WhatsApp available on PlayStore and that’s the reason why people love them.

In the past few years, the number of WAMODs has fallen down astronomically and there are only a handful of WhatsApp mods that have the anti-ban update. OGWhatsApp along with YoWhatsApp and GB WhatsApp is still going strong and is rolling out frequent updates.

Download OGWhatsApp Pro APK Latest Version

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What is OGWhatsApp Pro?

OGWhatsApp Pro is amongst the finest WhatsApp mods available on Android. It is developed to offer the best possible features to the end-users. It carries features similar to YoWhatsApp. In fact, most of the features in OGWhatsApp have been inspired by the YoWhatsApp. With that said, I’d like to clarify that it’s not a re-mod version of Yosef Al Basha’s app, instead of a different one.

Alex Mods, a Russian developer has developed this OGWhatsApp Pro APK from scratch and has consistently upgraded the base version from time to time. This allows you to use the new features based upon the base update. The latest build has a theme section which is where I feel the inspiration from YoWhatsApp kicked in. Theming options have a great demand in the WAMOD community and OGWhatsApp Pro APK doesn’t lag behind on that.

What are the Features of OGWhatsApp Pro?

Lock: Pattern, Fingerprint, and Pin options are there to help you lock your OGWhatsApp Pro. You don’t need a third-party app to lock your phone which is a huge benefit. Even in the lock feature, there are some customization features such as Vibration, Invisible Pattern, Recovery Question, Vibration, and Lock Wallpaper.

Backup & Restore: You can take a complete backup. Initially, there were difficulties but with new updates, you can easily backup and restore your chats. To check this feature, go to Universal >> Backup & Restore >> Data.

Hide Media from the gallery: You can enable this option by going to the Universal Settings. If you want to protect personal data such as images and videos, you can hide them without a third-party app such as Audio Manager.

Always Online: With OGWhatsApp, you can stay online even when your screen turns off.

Image Share Limit: While the official WhatsApp version has limits, with OGWhatsApp you can send more than 10 images a month.

Full resolution: You can send images and Hi-Res Photo of up to 6MB.

App Language: While many mods do not offer many variations. With OGWhatsApp Pro, you can choose from languages such as English, Hindi, Arabic, Espanol, Italian, Portuguese, German, Turkish, Indonesian and Russian.

DND: It’s one of the coolest features which allows you to stay away when you’re on vacation. The DND feature restricts the internet which helps you get away from daily communication hassles.

Number messaging: While the Official WhatsApp requires you to save the contact, OGWhatsApp allows you to message a number, call or message the person without having to save their phone number.

Conversation Lock: You can set a pin, pattern or password to groups or particular contacts. Now, that’s a feature that isn’t available in all the WAMODs or the official version.

Privacy & Security

In order to protect and secure your data, you should not overlook the privacy settings at any cost. With OGWhatsApp, not only can you safeguard your personal information but can also enjoy various awesome features such as:

Freezing Last Seen: When you freeze your last seen, your contacts are only able to see the last time you were online rendering you unavailable to them. This feature is quite unique from the standard hiding last seen the feature.
Hide Blue Ticks: Hiding the blue ticks is a great way if you don’t want the other person to feel paranoid about not getting a reply.

Hide Second Tick: A second tick as you already know is a sign that a message has been delivered. However, you can hide the tick and so the person sending the message doesn’t actually know whether you’ve received the message or not.

Hide Blue Microphone: Similar to the last seen, a blue microphone indicates that your voice notes have been heard. By hiding the blue microphone, you can hear the voice note without the other person knowing that you listened to it.

Hide Typing: Usually, when you’re typing, the receiver can see is typing… under your name. By using the hide typing option, you can hide your typing status so the other person doesn’t know what you’re up to.

Hide Recording: Hide Recording is a great feature that allows you to hide your recordings while sending voice notes. This has a surprise element to it.

Disable Forward Tag: You might often see that when you forward an image, there’s a forward tag right under that image. By disabling the forward tag, all the images and videos look as if you’ve sent them.

Anti-Delete messages: Now this is the feature present in almost all WAMODs. This allows you to read the text, video or rich media files even after your contacts try and delete them for both of you.

Hide View Status: When you hide view status, none of your contacts would know that you’ve viewed their status. Thus, you can watch your contact’s status anonymously.

Anti-delete Status: By enabling this option, you can view the deleted status of your family or friends or anyone in your contact.

Call Selection: You can choose who can contact you and who cannot by enabling this option.
Anti-Ban: Lastly, the OGWhatsApp APK comes with Anti-ban which prevents you from getting temporarily banned for using the mods.

Additional Features

There are many additional features that you can enjoy in the OGWA Pro Android application. Some of them are exclusive features that you wouldn’t get anywhere else. The way Alex has eased these features into the mods make the experience really enjoyable. There are two add-on features available namely Wallpapers App and Sticker Maker/Pack. As the upgrades keep on coming, the number of add-ons will increase substantially

Themes & Customizations

As mentioned earlier, OGWhatsApp Pro APK makes use of YoThemes to provide awesome themes to its users. As mentioned in our YoWhatsApp blog, you can enjoy over 3000+ themes and create new ones. Apart from the theming part, there’s a considerable amount of customization options, these include:

    • Home Screen
    • Chat Screen
  • Background Image
  • Launcher Icons
  • Font Styles
  • Emojis

These are just a few of the options which you can customize extensively and create your desired user interface.

OGWhatsApp Pro Screenshot

OGWhatsApp Pro App OGWhatsApp Pro Apk OGWhatsApp App

OGWhatsApp Pro APK 8.30 Info

2. OGWhatsApp is not available on the Google Play Store, that’s why we need to download APK file from our website and need to enable unknown sources.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Then click on Security.
  3. Then click to enable unknown sources.

3. Go to Download Manager or File Manager and click on the APK file.

4. Click on the Install button.

5. Now, wait for a few seconds to install.

5. Wait for the scan.

6. Click on the Open button to launch.

7. Now open the app to allow all permissions.

8. Verify your phone number and restore your chats.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the difference between WhatsApp and OGWhatsapp?

Ans: OGWhatsApp Pro is a modified app of official WhatsApp, with some amazing features which are discussed above.

Q: Can we use both apps OGWhatsApp Pro and WhatsApp app together?

Ans: Yes, you can use both apps at the same time but you need to different phone numbers to verify those accounts.

Q: Can we use OGWhatsApp for IOS?

Ans: No, OGWhatsApp only comes for Android users.

Q: Is it safe to use OGWhatsApp?

Ans: Yes, this is Whatsapp mod app is completely safe as per the developer.

Q: Can we transfer all the chat data to OGWhatsapp?

Ans: Yes, you can easily transfer chats from the official version.

Q: Can I freeze the last seen on the application?

Ans: Yes, you can freeze last seen on OGWhatsApp.


Each of these WAMODs is significantly different I truly admire the flexibility of OGWhatsApp Pro APK. If you feel I’ve missed out on something important, please feel free to drop your suggestions in the comment section below.


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