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Sofa TV APK is a popularly used Android application that is absolutely free and allows you to watch great movies and shows in notable quality. You can watch all the movies and TV shows available with app on your smartphones and Android TV in prominent HD quality. It also contains many latest releases in HD print and offers a great entertainment experience. The application is primarily used to watch a variety of films to pick from that includes the latest releases on Indian and North American premieres. It offers rich content in both Bollywood and Hollywood films.

What is Sofa TV?

Sofa TV APK is one of the most favored apps to choose from among all the apps available now to watch movies. It can be easily operated on Android phones and the minimum requirement is the Android 4.4 version. The app runs on a smooth and easy interface and can be easily downloaded and installed on your smartphones. This makes it a portable entertainment app which can be watched anytime and anywhere. The best part of the app is that it allows the content to be watched without any internet connection too.

What are the Features of Sofa TV?

There are a wide range of applications that have come up which offer movies and shows to be watched online. However, Sofa TV APK is one of the few applications that offers some of the most interesting feature making it an easy choice among the rest. The features are highlighted below:

  • The best part of Sofa TV APK is that it offers rich content which can be viewed in online and offline mode. You can click on any movie and allow it to get downloaded such that it can be watched later without internet connection.
  • The app showcases the latest releases and premieres and many other popular films that are absolutely loved by users. All of this is available in HD quality and on the original language.
  • The application is built on a simple UI and is compatible with all systems like Android TV or even FireStick. Hence, it can be watched on our Mobile Phones and on TV sets as well.
  • The quality of picture in this app is commendable and users have recommended it strongly giving a high rating on its performance and use.
  • The app has movies from all genres and many popular and old Hollywood movies that can be enjoyed by all viewers.

Sofa TV Screenshot

Sofa TV

Attention Users
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Sofa TV

Sofa TV APK 2.8 Info

Sofa TV APK has features like online and offline download which allows to watch movies even when there is no internet connection. This is the greatest advantage of this app which makes it distinguishable from all the others. The collection of movies ranges from old and new content that holds all latest releases and premieres. The users have loved this movie app and has strongly recommended for its use! Go for it and grab this entertainment to enjoy movies of all times.

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