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We are here provide you download links of Solex TV APK so enjoy it and we also have given complete instruction to install it.

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Solex TVAPK Changelog

Version 3.1.2 Nov 15 2019

Fixed bugs

Version 3.1.0 Nov 11 2019

New Built-in Player
Added ability to choose default play-action (Choose your selection in settings)
Added ability to make video player stay On or Off after idle (Choose your selection in settings)
Added Disney category
Added clear application Date (In settings)
Fixed Bug: When closing out the movie, it still played

Version 3.0.4 Nov 6 2019

  • New! No more choosing categories open action category automatically.
  • New! Ass spinner to change categories.
  • Disabled: In theaters” and movies of the week temporary.
  • Backend cleanup/ Restructuring done for faster speed of the app and to add new features and easier.
    Fixed Banner

Version 3.0.3 Nov 3 2019

New! Add Holloween section and science fiction.
New! Add high quality posters powered from TMDB
New! Add option in settings to Debug info (Helps me to fix crashes or glitches on your device.)
Changed Android TV Banner to fit Firestick banner also.
Beautify Interface!
For VIP Members/Testers: TV Shows Introduced!
For VIP Members/Testers: Request Content in settings, which will be made high priority.

Version 3.0.2 Oct 23 2019

This Version fixes server issues

Version 3.0.1 Oct 22 2019

  • New! Add Animation Category
  • Migrated everything to new servers (Can add more movies faster and easier)
  • Fixed refreshing duplicate movies.

Version 3.00 Oct 21, 2019

  • Important! Testing new servers to See if it can handle the load. This new server allows me to add more movies faster and quicker. We are using it on the theaters section. If this holds up well, I will implement it to all categories!
  • New! Add Christmas category
  • New! Add in theaters category
  • New! Add copy stream link to the clipboard
  • New! Add title to external players
  • Changed DVD cases to a modern look (Long Press On Category to See this Feature)
  • Optimized layout on older devices and newer ones and fixed many bugs.

Version 2.2 Oct 5, 2019

Now, this version fixes server issues and we also added faster/better servers since the number of users has gone up a lot. We also have a new layout. It was released like 2 updates ago but it had too many issues and bugs. So we went back to the old layout. Now here we are!

Also, we really recommend EUMC Player for the Solex TV app to watch your movies. It has many settings to enjoy your experience that other media players can’t do.

We fixed the issue of users that couldn’t cast with AllCast. This should work on this version. If you are having issues with AllCast, try a different cast media from the play store, choose the play with option, and choose that app.

Also, we added a new category, check it out for yourself. No need to mention here..

Version 2.12 Sep 28, 2019

Fixed some minor bugs

Version 2.9 Sep 16, 2019

  • New! Indicate if movie is a Cam or Not
  • New Able to choose from 2 links for each movie. But, this will require time in ordeer to get the hits to each movies.
  • Able to choose from Server #1 or Server #2 (DDL Source)
  • Add resume function for MX Player
  • Optimized interface.

Version 2.7 Sep 8, 2019

  • Solex TV Only Feature movies, TV shows coming soon.

Download Solex TV APK

If downloading the APK prompts “This type of file can harm your device. Do you want to keep Solex TV [] v3.1.2.apk anyway?”, click OK.

In case, if it shows “Install Blocked”, click “Settings > Slide Unknown Sources > OK.

If prompt installation blocked this app contains code that attempts to bypass Android’s security protections. Click More details -> Install anyways > OK.


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Version 3.1.2